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Unblocking Facebook: When Facebook is blocked at school or work

So, you can't access huh? Your place of employment or school is blocking access (party poopers!) to your favorite site? What's a Facebooking addict to do?!?

Well, fortunately, there are some tricks that MAY help you out of this all depends on how your current network firewall / corporate system is set up. We have ordered the techniques below from the most simple, to the more complex, technical tricks that you may have to do in order to browse Facebook. Try them out, and then let us know what worked for you!

Unblocking Facebook Proxies & Techniques

1. Well, to start, try our Facebook Proxy... this may just do it for many of you:




(give this script a few seconds to load please... If you have logged in before using this Proxy and have cookies enabled in your browser, it might log you into your Facebook account automatically with your user name & password when you use this link again. It will take a few more seconds to load in this case. If you don't want to auto-login, but just want to arrive at the Facebook Home page, then simply clear the cookies in your browser after using this Proxy. It is the cookies in YOUR browser (we don't capture or store any private information) that are "remembering" your Facebook login information.)


2. If the link above doesn't work, please go to the Facebook Proxy Page, and read the instructions there. You might have to tweak some things on the Facebook Proxy Page to get it to work.


3. If that still doesn't work, try one of these other Facebook Proxies:

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